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Start ignoring people who threaten your joy.
Literally, ignore them.
Say nothing.
Don’t invite any parts of them into your space.

- Alex Elle  (via senyahearts)

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One Direction || Fireproof 

nobody loves you, baby

the way i do

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XIII Ways to Be a Lady


I. Always call and return your mother’s calls as promptly as you possibly can. Remind her in every conversation how appreciative you are — how much you love, miss and adore her.

II. Make it a ritual to smile every morning. Doing so will send signals to the brain making it think it’s happy….

I am never satisfied with myself. I am a fascist, a perfectionist — that is what keeps me going; I have no post-satisfaction. I have no regard for anyone’s feelings nor do I allow myself to fall in love. I never smoked, I never drank, I never consumed drugs. Most of the time I prefer lunch at home because I’m not very social. I am only concerned with my future. My thing is to work more than the others to show them how useless they are.

- Karl Lagerfeld, ‘A Day In The Life’ (via bonvivantx)


They’re so cute I’m screaming.


They’re so cute I’m screaming.

I used to call people, then I got into e-mailing, then texting, and now I just ignore everyone.

- The New Yorker (via showslow)

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Tove Lo - Habits

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Kirko Bangz Ft. August Alsina - Rich

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aries: bro ho

taurus: realest ho

gemini:  fake ho

cancer: sensitive ho

leo: cool ho

virgo: bitch ho

libra: smart ass ho

scorpio: best ho

sagittarius: chill ho

capricorn: bitter ho

aquarius:  crazy ho

pisces:  magical ho

How is this so accurate?


Gangsta - Schoolboy Q

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